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Creating more opportunities, a higher quality of life, and a better future for our kids

Volunteer Spotlight: Tessa Spaulding

By Berke For Mayor | February 17, 2017

Meet Tessa Spaulding. Tessa has been an active member in our community for years, and when she’s not campaigning you can find her cooking delicious food for causes throughout the city Tessa and her husband, Brett, are two of the Berke Campaign’s most dedicated volunteers. Tessa recently stepped up to become a Volunteer Organizer for…

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Knock on Doors for Mayor Berke

By Berke For Mayor | February 10, 2017
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Volunteer Spotlight: Nick Mastilovic

By Andy Berke | February 4, 2017

Nick Mastilovic is a 9th grader who dedicates most of his free time contributing to our community and being a social activist. Recently, Nick has helped the campaign in any way that is needed – whether it’s assembling signs, making hours of calls or canvassing. The other day I was talking with Nick and asked…

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City settles with GE Power to pay $6 million back to taxpayers

By Berke For Mayor | February 3, 2017

February 3, 2017 — Today Mayor Berke and Mayor Coppinger announced an agreement reached with GE Power to pay back $6 million to the City of Chattanooga and Hamilton County related to tax breaks awarded during the Littlefield Administration in 2012. A little over a year ago GE bought Alstom’s power operations and later announced…

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Andy Berke | Building a Safer City

By Andy Berke | January 25, 2017

Every person in our community needs to feel safe. It’s hard to sit out on your porch or visit a neighbor if you’re worried about falling victim to crime. Over the last few years, I have pushed to make sure we do everything we can to provide the safety and security all Chattanoogans deserve. Whether…

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Phone Bank for Mayor Berke

By Berke for Mayor | January 24, 2017
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Andy Berke: Building a Fairer Economy in Chattanooga

By Andy Berke | January 19, 2017

When I started my campaign for Mayor over 4 years ago, I laid out a vision of Chattanooga that I still believe in today: a city with small businesses popping up on every corner; a place where no matter what zip code you live in, you have the tools you need to get a job.…

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Andy Berke: Making Every Chattanooga Neighborhood a Great Place to Live

By Andy Berke | January 7, 2017

Everyone wants a great place to live. In Chattanooga, I want that to be the case no matter what zip code you live in. Making neighborhoods strong not only improves housing and quality of life, it also improves the economy around the neighborhood. That’s why over the past four years I’ve worked each day to…

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Mayor Berke announces plans to clean up old Lupton City Mill Site

By Berke For Mayor | January 6, 2017

January 6, 2017 — Today Mayor Berke and Councilman Jerry Mitchell were joined by residents of the Lupton City neighborhood to announce the cleanup of the old Dixie Yarn Factory Mill. Lupton City was once a thriving mill town built by John T Lupton in 1920. The mill closed in 2009, and was sold to…

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Mayor Berke pledges $1 million from city for new children’s hospital

By Berke For Mayor | December 22, 2016

December 22, 2017 — Mayor Berke announced today that the City of Chattanooga would be pledging $1 million over four years to help build a new Children’s Hospital at Erlanger in honor of the victims of the Woodmore Bus Crash and their families. “On November 20, 2016 the staff here were asked to care for…

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