Andy Berke

Andy Berke: Volunteer Spotlight – Jamie

This is our intern, Jamie McConnico. Every time I come into the office and she is here it’s hard not to be inspired by her enthusiasm.

Jamie is a senior at CSAS and volunteers for the campaign 10-15 hours a week. Her favorite way to volunteer is by making phone calls to voters. She loves to interact with people and has made over 1,000 calls by herself.

I asked what her motivations were her to get involved she replied “I began working on the Berke campaign because I knew it would be a way that I could make a difference and ensure my voice is heard. I support Mayor Berke because I have seen how progressive my city has become. I also appreciate how he has worked to level the playing field for every person no matter their race or economic status.”

Thank you for being such an inspiration and an asset to the campaign, Jamie.

Would you like to join us this weekend for phone banking or canvassing? Click here to sign up!