Andy Berke

“Berke has best approach to city” Letter in Times Free Press

February 22, 2017 —

Recently, I attended a community mayoral election forum in which candidates shared priorities for Chattanooga. As I listened to each candidate, I was disappointed in the lack of knowledge and understanding the majority of candidates had in regard to the challenges and opportunities facing our city.

The only candidate who demonstrated the depth of understanding required to address the issues of education, workforce development and opportunities for our community was Mayor Andy Berke.

Mayor Berke’s commitment to investing in our youth by being a part of the Chattanooga 2.0 initiative, creating an Office of Early Learning, expanding Head Start, creating the Baby University initiative, partnering with United Way to provide early learning scholarships, working with the community to address opportunity gaps as part of the My Brother’s Keeper initiative, and his work with the Hamilton County Schools district, Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce and business partners demonstrate a collaboratively developed plan that will increase the college and career readiness of youth and young adults in greater Chattanooga.

Resolving the root causes of unemployment, violence and economic mobility, and providing employers a viable 21st-century workforce require a broad, progressive, collaborative approach, one Mayor Berke has implemented.

Dr. Greg Harwood

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