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"In a city of creators, we all have a responsibility to help each other thrive."

Gov. Bill Lee’s TennCare block grant plan is no cure

By Andy Berke | October 15, 2019

In 2007, while running for office for the first time, I heard from a Marion County man named Terry who told me that his family was having trouble getting quality, affordable health care. He said that was the most important issue to him, and asked me to fight for him. Today, Tennesseans’ health care is…

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East Chattanooga Is Rising

By Andy Berke | September 23, 2019

“This is about more than just a big economic development deal — this opens a new chapter in the story of this historic neighborhood.”— Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke In 2013, the administration of newly-elected Mayor Andy Berke began working with the Chattanooga Housing Authority to buy the Harriet Tubman Housing site — a property which had suffered…

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Investing In Our Most Important Assets: Chattanooga’s Families

By Andy Berke | September 10, 2019

Early-childhood education is not only a priority of Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke it’s a passion. “I have two daughters and their worst days are my worst days,” Mayor Berke said. “Educators help give children a head start and parents a peace of mind.” Since his inauguration in 2013, Mayor Berke has continued to make early learning a…

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“Neighboroots” Seeks to Tell Chattanooga’s Stories Through Art and Performance

By Andy Berke | August 13, 2019

“Each neighborhood has a story to tell.” This week, Mayor Andy Berke was joined by District 8 Councilman Anthony Byrd as they addressed neighborhood leaders and community members at Carver Youth and Family Development Center about the importance of neighborhoods. “There are good guys and heroes, but there are also villains. There are great stories of accomplishment. There are…

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Active voters make democracy healthy

By Andy Berke | September 4, 2018

I joined members of our Mayor’s Youth Council last week for a discussion about voting, sponsored by Let America Vote. The statistics about voting in Tennessee are grim: We ranked 40th in the nation for voter registration and 50th for turnout in the last midterm elections. During early voting in the recent August primaries, Hamilton…

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Karl Dean: A Proven Fighter For Our Next Governor

By Andy Berke | August 16, 2018

Karl Dean’s bold ideas, thoughtful leadership, and common sense approach to solving problems made him an outstanding two-term Mayor of Nashville. As our next governor, I know that he’ll work harder than anyone to provide more opportunities for more people in our state to get better educations and build better lives. Tennessee deserves a governor…

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Veterans need housing support now more than ever

By Andy Berke | January 3, 2018

Right before Thanksgiving, I was downtown when I was approached by a man named Chris. He was a veteran who had served our country in the armed forces but had experienced homelessness. He told me that our veterans homeless coalition had helped him move in an apartment only a few days before. This year, he…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Tessa Spaulding

By Berke For Mayor | February 17, 2017

Meet Tessa Spaulding. Tessa has been an active member in our community for years, and when she’s not campaigning you can find her cooking delicious food for causes throughout the city Tessa and her husband, Brett, are two of the Berke Campaign’s most dedicated volunteers. Tessa recently stepped up to become a Volunteer Organizer for…

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Knock on Doors for Mayor Berke

By Berke For Mayor | February 10, 2017
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Volunteer Spotlight: Nick Mastilovic

By Andy Berke | February 4, 2017

Nick Mastilovic is a 9th grader who dedicates most of his free time contributing to our community and being a social activist. Recently, Nick has helped the campaign in any way that is needed – whether it’s assembling signs, making hours of calls or canvassing. The other day I was talking with Nick and asked…

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