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Patten Towers clears inspection, residents return

The city’s inspection of Patten Towers is ongoing. Because the certificate of occupancy is temporary, officials will continue to conduct routine checks on the facility and ensure that additional requirements are met to allow continued occupancy. According to the mayor’s office, additional requirements include but are not limited to a comprehensive analysis of both the…

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New program encourages alternative transportation

Chattanooga government and business leaders want to reward residents for driving less.  Thursday morning, at CARTA’s Shuttle Park South facility, officials gathered to announce the launch of Green Trips, a program designed to encourage and reward commuters who embrace alternative forms of transportation, such as carpooling, biking, walking, public transit or telecommuting.  The program, which will…

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Focus on outcomes to drive changes to city’s budget

Two weeks after requesting a 90-day extension for filing their first budget for the city, members of Mayor Andy Berke’s administration are revealing new methods for how they’ll chart Chattanooga’s finances.  The process for allocating revenues will be unlike any previous budget in recent Chattanooga history.  Berke is not required to submit his financial plan until late…

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