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East Chattanooga Is Rising

By Andy Berke | September 23, 2019

“This is about more than just a big economic development deal — this opens a new chapter in the story of this historic neighborhood.”— Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke In 2013, the administration of newly-elected Mayor Andy Berke began working with the Chattanooga Housing Authority to buy the Harriet Tubman Housing site — a property which had suffered…

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Investing In Our Most Important Assets: Chattanooga’s Families

By Andy Berke | September 10, 2019

Early-childhood education is not only a priority of Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke it’s a passion. “I have two daughters and their worst days are my worst days,” Mayor Berke said. “Educators help give children a head start and parents a peace of mind.” Since his inauguration in 2013, Mayor Berke has continued to make early learning a…

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“Neighboroots” Seeks to Tell Chattanooga’s Stories Through Art and Performance

By Andy Berke | August 13, 2019

“Each neighborhood has a story to tell.” This week, Mayor Andy Berke was joined by District 8 Councilman Anthony Byrd as they addressed neighborhood leaders and community members at Carver Youth and Family Development Center about the importance of neighborhoods. “There are good guys and heroes, but there are also villains. There are great stories of accomplishment. There are…

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Active voters make democracy healthy

By Andy Berke | September 4, 2018

I joined members of our Mayor’s Youth Council last week for a discussion about voting, sponsored by Let America Vote. The statistics about voting in Tennessee are grim: We ranked 40th in the nation for voter registration and 50th for turnout in the last midterm elections. During early voting in the recent August primaries, Hamilton…

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City settles with GE Power to pay $6 million back to taxpayers

By Berke For Mayor | February 3, 2017

February 3, 2017 — Today Mayor Berke and Mayor Coppinger announced an agreement reached with GE Power to pay back $6 million to the City of Chattanooga and Hamilton County related to tax breaks awarded during the Littlefield Administration in 2012. A little over a year ago GE bought Alstom’s power operations and later announced…

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Mayor Berke announces plans to clean up old Lupton City Mill Site

By Berke For Mayor | January 6, 2017

January 6, 2017 — Today Mayor Berke and Councilman Jerry Mitchell were joined by residents of the Lupton City neighborhood to announce the cleanup of the old Dixie Yarn Factory Mill. Lupton City was once a thriving mill town built by John T Lupton in 1920. The mill closed in 2009, and was sold to…

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Mayor Berke pledges $1 million from city for new children’s hospital

By Berke For Mayor | December 22, 2016

December 22, 2017 — Mayor Berke announced today that the City of Chattanooga would be pledging $1 million over four years to help build a new Children’s Hospital at Erlanger in honor of the victims of the Woodmore Bus Crash and their families. “On November 20, 2016 the staff here were asked to care for…

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Grand Opening of New Chattanooga Family Justice Center

By Berke For Mayor | October 26, 2016

October 26, 2017 — Today, Mayor Berke was joined by Councilwoman Carol Berz and community partners to cut the ribbon for a new Family Justice Center (FJC) in Chattanooga. The FJC serves as a one-stop center for free services for victims of domestic violence. In the past, services for victims of domestic violence were scattered…

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Chattanooga Open Data Report Shows Growth in Use, Available Data

By Berke For Mayor | September 27, 2016

Today, the City of Chattanooga released the 2016 Open Data Report, which reflects on the City’s progress and looks to the future on ensuring transparency and accessibility of public data online. Under an Executive Order issued in 2014, Mayor Andy Berke increased transparency in city government through development of an open data policy and creation…

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Chattanooga Launches One of First Electric Vehicle Ride Share Programs in U.S.

By Berke For Mayor | September 14, 2016

Twenty-six years after the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority debuted one of the country’s first all-electric downtown shuttle services, Chattanooga will soon become one of the first cities in the nation with an electric vehicle ride share program. Within the next couple of weeks, 20 Nissan Leafs will be stationed in various parking facilities in…

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