Andy Berke

Mayor Berke announces plans to clean up old Lupton City Mill Site

January 6, 2017 —

Today Mayor Berke and Councilman Jerry Mitchell were joined by residents of the Lupton City neighborhood to announce the cleanup of the old Dixie Yarn Factory Mill. Lupton City was once a thriving mill town built by John T Lupton in 1920. The mill closed in 2009, and was sold to an out of town company in 2012. The company began demolishing the mill, but stopped short of cleaning up the site, leaving it as an eyesore in the middle of the Lupton City neighborhood. Councilman Mitchell and Mayor Berke worked to hold the company accountable for unpaid property taxes. The City will begin cleanup of the site after taking ownership on July 1, 2017.

The cleanup of the Lupton City Mill site is part of a larger Brownfield Remediation Strategy to cleanup old contaminated factory sites and get them back on the tax rolls to help revitalize neighborhoods throughout the city and bring better housing and jobs to neighborhoods.

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