Andy Berke

Mayor Berke pledges $1 million from city for new children’s hospital

December 22, 2017 —

Mayor Berke announced today that the City of Chattanooga would be pledging $1 million over four years to help build a new Children’s Hospital at Erlanger in honor of the victims of the Woodmore Bus Crash and their families. “On November 20, 2016 the staff here were asked to care for two dozen children at a moment’s notice. We had first responders, doctors, nurses, and adminstrators who poured their hearts and souls into caring for these children and their families. As I walked through the facility it was clear the challenges that they had being in a dated facility,” said Berke. “This is something that’s been needed for a long time. The city has been in discussions with Erlanger over the past two years about what we could do, and, after the Woodmore incident, it was clear that now was the time for us to step up.”

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