Issues – Andy Berke
Andy Berke

Mayor Berke on the Issues

In the last four years, Chattanooga has been renewed under Mayor Berke's leadership. Berke has balanced the budget, helped bring a second Volkswagen line to the city, created nearly 8,000 jobs with rising wages, and we have seen billions of dollars invested in our city. Berke has also worked to streamline the government by reorganizing departments to save taxpayer dollars, while expanding access to Chattanooga’s high speed internet, increasing funding for Youth and Family Development Centers, and investing in early childhood education. Under Berke, our police force has more sworn officers than at any point in our city’s history, and violent crime is down 10% since he took office, with property crime down 30%.


But there is more work to do to move Chattanooga forward. Berke will continue to empower all Chattanoogans to succeed, giving them more paths to the middle class, improving quality of life, and investing in our future. He will expand and improve programs that help Chattanoogans find jobs and gain the skills they need to compete in the twenty-first century, invest more in our young people and education, and ensure everyone has a high quality of life, no matter what neighborhood they live in.