Equity – Andy Berke
Andy Berke

Equality and Fairness

Making sure that everyone has a fair shot at success

While Chattanooga is known as Gig City, we know that not all residents are reaping the benefits of our super high-speed fiber optic infrastructure. Over the last three years, Andy has worked hard to ensure digital equity through nationally recognized initiatives like Tech Goes Home, a free course designed to help residents develop skills and habits required for smart technology and Internet use, as well as the launch of NetBridge, a partnership with EPB and Hamilton County Department of Education to offer 100 Mbps for $27/month to families with public school students on free or reduced lunch. Mayor Berke's diligent focus on digital equity will provide more of our citizens with the access and resources necessary to be successful in the 21st Century.

Andy Berke has worked hard to support African Americans, women, and working families in Chattanooga so that everyone in our city has a fair shot at success. He created a Minority Business Task Force and the Mayor's Council for Women, which have supported African American and women-owned businesses, pushed ideas like family-friendly workplaces, and increased opportunity for Chattanoogans that need it.


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