Education – Andy Berke
Andy Berke

Education and Early Learning

Investing in our children's future

While the Hamilton County School Board and County Commission operate and fund the public schools in Chattanooga, Andy understands that the City still has a role to play when it comes to investing in the next generation of Chattanoogans -- especially when it comes to early learning.  Research shows that early development is essential to a child's long-term success in school and life. As Mayor of Chattanooga, Andy has made early childhood education a priority, even establishing the first Office of Early Learning at the City of Chattanooga. The Office of Early Learning will work within the government and across the provider community to broaden and deepen early learning opportunities for Chattanooga families. Across platforms, the Office will work to create more opportunities for kids between the ages of 0 and 5 through programs like Baby University, an initiative launched by Mayor Berke in 2015. In his second Mayoral term, Andy will build on these investments to provide Early Learning Scholarships and programs to ensure young people are properly trained to enter the workforce.


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