Accountability – Andy Berke
Andy Berke

Government Accountability

Ensuring a high performing government that spends our tax dollars wisely

Tax dollars are our investment in the community, and it is incumbent on the stewards of government to make sure they are spent wisely. For five consecutive years, Andy has voted for balanced budgets. He led the effort to hold private education contractors, receiving millions in government funding, accountable for their results and his EFFECTS bill required state government to focus on what it is getting for the taxpayer dollars it spends.

As Mayor, Andy believes city government should provide the best possible service to citizens while using tax dollars efficiently. During his first week as Mayor, Andy restructured City government to reflect the priorities of Chattanoogans. Since then, the City of Chattanooga has strived each day to operate a high-performing government by embracing an outcomes based budget process that funds what works while cutting ineffective programs, ensuring the long-term financial health of the City through successfully reforming an underfunded pension, and working every day with his administration to provide excellent customer service.

Mayor Berke has balanced the budget with no tax increase, each year he has been in office, and he will continue to work hard to keep government accountable.


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