Neighborhoods – Andy Berke
Andy Berke

Strong Neighborhoods

Making Chattanooga a great place to live no matter the zip code

As Mayor, Andy has worked hard to make Chattanooga the greatest place to live in the South. He has improved pedestrian infrastructure to make our communities more walkable, doubled the money put into paving roads, and invested in building and improving parks. He created the Office of Economic & Community Development, which has helped recruit and train neighborhood leadership to keep our communities clean and safe, grow the amount of affordable housing throughout the city, and ensure every neighborhood in Chattanooga is a great place to live.
The work of the past four years has paid off. Under Mayor Berke's leadership, downtown is booming, with billions of dollars of new
development and twice as many residents as when he took office. In the next four years, Mayor Berke will continue to grow the city's Entertainment and Outdoor opportunities, expand incentives to create more quality affordable housing throughout the city, and ensure we prioritize investments in parks, roads, and community centers.


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