Safety – Andy Berke
Andy Berke

Public Safety

Make our streets safer for all

From the moment he took office as Mayor of Chattanooga, Andy has promoted a community centered, multi-faceted public safety approach focused on prevention, effective prosecution, and proactive problem-solving. During their first term, the Berke Administration has established our area's only Family Justice Center and the Chattanooga Police Department (CPD) has made tremendous strides, taking an unprecedented number of illegal firearms off the street and pushing Chattanooga's property crime rate to a five year low.

While we have seen gains in public safety, the work is not yet done. Through strong partnerships with law enforcement agencies throughout the area as well as effective leadership at CPD, the City will continue to implement innovative and effective policing strategies, prevention programs for our youth, strong community relationships, and high-quality emergency response. In the next four years, Mayor Berke will work to get illegal guns out of the hands of violent criminals, put more officers on the street, and invest in technology to make our streets safer and reduce the number of shootings.


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