Open Government – Andy Berke
Andy Berke

Open & Inclusive Government

Ensuring city hall is open and works with all people

Technology has created unprecedented opportunities for government to collect data and to report information publicly. Through implementation of several open data initiatives, including signing the City's first Open Data Policy, launching a user-friendly open data portal, and making open records requests easy to file through an online platform, Andy has worked to ensure public information is more easily accessible online and through citizen requests.

Andy also understands that civic engagement is vital to our government and our community. It strengthens public decisions and contributes to a vibrant and inclusive city. During his time in the state legislature, he regularly held public forums and attended neighborhood meetings and as Mayor, Andy has continued this commitment. From his monthly Burgers with Berke public lunches and regularly scheduled Get Fit group outings to his frequent use of social media to engage citizens, Andy demonstrates that civic engagement is a key principle of public service.
In addition, City government can not and should not go it alone. Whether in addressing pension reform, exploring the issues faced by minority-owned businesses, or establishing a citizen-led coalition to help keep our streets safe, Andy recognizes that tapping into the diverse experiences and backgrounds of community members is the best way to solve tough community problems.